Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Wreath

Since fall is here I decided to take a stab at my first wreath. I really like square wreaths but wasn't sure I could make one so I decided to go with the nice clean look of a picture frame wreath.

Pretty cute, I think :)

Anywho ...

These are most of the supplies I used

I started out with this beauty I found at the thrift store for $3 and painted it a nice antique white color.

Then I made my rosettes with some fall fabric and set them aside for later. You can purchase these in my etsy shop :)

After the paint dried I turned the frame over and stapled the ribbon across the frame(measuring to make sure it's even because I can't tell what's straight to save my life :)
Then I started on my burlap flags. I just got some light burlap from walmart for really cheap. I cut out the word "fall" on my cricut and used the letters as a stencil. I positioned them over the burlap and put some mod podge and added the glitter (the finer the better) Shake em out and you're done!

Now it was time to glue everything on! I started with the rosettes and then moved on to the flags. Last I glued my little acorns that I found at my craft store for 50 cents. I used a big glob of hot glue to make sure they stay on. I think E6000 would work well too.

And now I'm ready for fall!

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  1. Oh cute! Those rosettes are well done! Come check out my Interchangeable Frame Wreath!