Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boo! Eek!

I had a white cabinet that was on the verge of collapse, so we (okay, my husband :) took it apart and we salvaged the shelves and doors without holes. This is what I came up with for one of the shelves:

I got the idea from Poofy Cheeks and it was super simple - I just cut out the letters and glued them on very lightly so I can take them off if I want. I have trouble committing to a project like that, ha ha :) My husband added a little claw hangy thing to the back for me and hung it up for me too - I love how handy he is :)

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  1. So I am WAY behind - I just found out about google reader and was going through TONS of blog posts when I saw this one. It is so flattering to see you were inspired by something I did. Things like this tell me to keep on going!

    -Kelsey :)