Wednesday, April 17, 2013

$3.33 Ransom Toy Bin

My poor neglected blog! Well I have been crafting, but not taking pictures and blogging! BUT I did make something last night that I just couldn't wait to share!

Voila! My ransom toy bin! This is my latest attempt to help my kids clean up their stuff.

$3 bin (it's the big one!)
reusable sandwich bag (3 for $1)
Printed labels (you could write it out by hand if you want)

I "collect" at night after the kids go to bed and I keep track of what I collected and when (more on that in a min) I think this is the best win-win because they have a relevant consequence and we get some chores done! There is one small "catch" though -- I keep track of what I collect because they only have 1 week to earn their toys back or they go to DI (or in most cases will get stored in the garage) If they don't miss them that much then they probably don't need it. The chores range from very simple (rolling up the vacuum cord) to a little bigger chores for "big ticket" items that I collected.

So that's it! What do you guys do to help your kids clean up?

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